Including; Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, and Howard County

This page presents a collection of obituraties appearing in Baltimore area newspapers. The information presented on this page has been contributed by volunteers willing to share the research material they have obtained. Over the past few years this collection has grown to over 19,500 death notices and obituaries. One note, because of a quirk in the data base, capital letters are sorted first so a surname such as McKNIGHT is listed in order different than MCKNIGHT. Names Beginning with Di or De are at the end of the D listing. Also a name with a hyphen such as O'Conner will appear first, since punctuation marks are sorted before letters.

For obituraries published before 1923, the full text of the contributed obituary is provided . Since material published in 1923 and subsquent years may still be under copyright protection, only an abstract of pertinent genealogical factual data is provided for obituaries published in 1923 and afterwards. In these abstracts I have used abreviations such as h/o for husband of, or w/o for wife of to save server space and bandwidth.

Most of these death notices are from researchers that have obtained a copy of a newspaper containing a death notice for a person they were researching plus several others death notices on the copy of the page. Therefore, many of the death notices are not persons being researched by the contributor. We encourge persons who are interested in registering surnames of interest to do so with both the USGenWeb sites and also the RSL on rootsweb.com. This site has not tracked death notice submissions by each researcher. In most cases, the contributions tend to be from a partial copy of the newspaper, therefore, only a few and mostly relatively very old pages are completely extracted.

Researchers are requested to share obiturary material, particularly the older obituaries that you may receive in your research published in area Baltimore newspapers. To have your material added to this page, please send it as an attached file (ASCII format preferred) or as the body of an E mail to ***leeg @ erols.com*** (ignore the spaces and *)

Indexes and extracts of Marriages and/or Death Notices appearing in the Baltimore Sun have been extracted and published. These include:

Other published material includes:

Other Newspapers of interest would include
the Baltimore American,
Maryland Journal,
Baltimore County Advocate.
The Howard County Times - Ellicott City
The Daily Capital - Annapolis
The Baltimore County Democrat
The Jeffersonian
Catonsville Hearld and Baltimore Countian
Union News (Towson)
Heard Argus
Towson News

On-Line Obituaries At This Site: